Finally, I am blogging!!!

Yes, finally I am blogging! The idea to blog was always there. I always want to express my feelings, my views on different issues and the best media to put your views in front of the whole world is through blogging. I created a blogging acc. But I was never in a position to complete a piece to post here. The main reason was my deep respect for writers, authors and I didn’t find any of the quality in me to be called as a writer. After all, I have always opposed people like Chetan Bhagat entering the field of writing. It is better not to write than write like Chetan.
But, the desire to let others know my views was there in the mind and it got the necessary fuel after joining twitter. I interacted with people of various field on large range of topics. As I always like debating (unlike our honorable Prime Minister), many of my friends suggested me to blog. I remember someone on twitter termed me as an exception as even being an active twitterer I don’t use blog. Recently, Aditya Kumar Nayak (Read here to know more about Aditya: asked me to blog and he became the 50th person to suggest me to blog. Then I decided, it is better to be a Chetan Bhagat than not to listen to 50 persons. So, FINALLY I AM BLOGGING !

Now, the biggest question I face is what to blog. I have been keenly watching the political developments in the country for last 5-6 years. I also have an interest for social and cultural topics. So, I felt that it is safe for me to write on socio-political issues. So, from today, I am assuming the position of a socio-political commentator and as the blog name suggests, I will try to present a topic and my views from a NEW DIMENSION. I am also a big cricket fan, I may write a little bit on cricket too.

I don’t want to make it a one-way traffic. I expect, you, my readers, to comment and show me where you disapprove my findings. I would like you to debate with me on the topic as I have already said I like debating. Keep visiting this page for new posts.
Wishing you a Happy Republic Day. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Finally, I am blogging!!!

    • thenewdimension says:

      thats why i m writing on these topics, to create awarness. infact my next blog is somewhere related to ur concern.

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