I don’t want to be called as YOUTH

Hey, friends! I wish you a very happy Republic day. This year marks the 60th year of having our own constitution which signifies India’s freedom and sovereignty. That’s fine. But are we using our freedom in the right way? I would like to concentrate on the youth today. I, seriously, am not happy with the life style of the present-day youth. Youth doesn’t just signify a group of people of certain age range. Youth is part of the future building process of a country if not the present. But are the youth serious about their duties? I cannot say about the youth of the other countries, but I can tell you that youth of my country is not enough serious.
Probably, you may not agree with me now. Let’s see if I can convince you that you ignore your duties for your country. I want to clarify that I am not blaming any person, but speaking in a general note. Most of the youth disappoint India as they fail to return the favor India made to them. You must remember that you are not Indian just because you born in India. We are part of a culture which is distinct and superior to many in the world. We should be proud of that. I am not denying that our youth feel proud when a Rahman gets Oscar or Indian cricket team wins series against Australia, but that’s actually due to our involvement with entertainment and sports field. In fact, most of the youth of India do not read any other page except the entertainment and sports if they ever read a newspaper. How many times have you read the editorial of a paper? Do you know who the newly appointed National security Advisor of India is? I know very less number of the readers can answer yes! That’s the irony and proves my point. I am not asking to become a general knowledge wizard, but as a youth we should keep a close eye on the day-to-day happenings. But it is sarcastic that most of the times your answer is “who cares?”.Just to test, take a sample of 50 students, ask them who the president of the congress party is. I bet, most will answer that it’s Rahul Gandhi because that’s the name they hear most of the times. Ask them who the president of BJP is. Again, I know there will be various answers with most answering Advani. Again, the cause is the same. In the age of SMS and social networking who cares to read news paper. This is what bothers me. The youth cannot be so irresponsible.
A country believes in its youth. Remember who led us to freedom: A young Mahatma Gandhi, young Nehru, young Subhas Bose, young Bhagat Singh and many other who were young then. But can we expect the same temperament and dedication from the present youth who blames the system so much as if they have the solution for it, but moves to US or China or wherever they get more money. Only one term can define them: “slaves of money”! If you cannot restructure your own country then you don’t have any reason to blame the government or the politician. You ask a youth working in MNCs about elections. He may answer like this(I am quoting someone without mentioning his identity, I wish he reads it), “What do you Indians do anyways. You only hold elections all the year-round and choose the same bunch of politicians year after year, who then mess up everything in sight. There are elections to Lok Sabha, elections to state assemblies, elections to panchayats, by-elections to this and that—and what do you get at the end of it? The same lot of corrupt politicians. “ His answer gives an impression that he is not an Indian.
In the recent age of liberalization, this blog may seem conservative but if it is conservative to become an Indian I am ready to become a proud conservative. The present life style has been influenced more by the west, but I wonder why we cannot give a modern look to our nationalistic culture where country comes first by shelving the materialistic culture of west where money comes first. It seems to me that we are getting more de-Indianised. And the youth are leading this de-Indianised India. Where is the emotional bond that used to be there among each other when Indians were culturally Indians? I am not against the use of technology, I am not even hinting to spoil personal career, but my question is, “are you thinking for your country?”.
My serious request to you guys is that if you cannot do anything for the country, then please shut up and better follow the system. Because you may give long speeches on unruly traffic of India, but when the traffic police catch you for breaking traffic rules you bribe him and if he does not accept it you may scold him as if he is the enemy of the country.
Viewing such irresponsible behavior of our youth (who are supposed to be more responsible), I have no interest to be part of this so-called youth group. I should be better out of this league of “slaves of money” I take pride in that. And it’s not only me; many are there who do not want to be called as YOUTH.
If you feel what I have said is right, then please think more seriously about our country. On this Republic Day, let’s take a pledge to make our country proud of its Indianised youth.
Happy Republic Day to you again! 🙂


15 thoughts on “I don’t want to be called as YOUTH

  1. thenewdimension says:

    I have already said in the blog that there are many youth they are responsible, and my targets were those “slaves of money”

  2. adityanayak says:

    Brilliant start! I do agree that there are a lot of ignorant( wrt general awareness bout our system) youth in this nation. But at the same time there are a lot of others who have a say and these guys to speak up for what is right.

    I feel that it is these aware guys who will take this nation forward. Infact, I also feel that we shud just be focusing on these people and just ignore the rest coz they are quite a lot in number and they are just enough that we need to achieve the India we deserve.

    I also, feel that its a boon in disguise coz if all of us were so concerned we wud just all end up debating and no action wud happen. But in todays scenario we just need a strong leader (and a team of awakened citizens to keep him him check) and the rest just have to follow him. which I think is more likely to happen.

    This is wat I think, but again thats just me.. the eternal optimist. 🙂

    And Keep blogging. cheers 🙂

  3. thenewdimension says:

    True to some extent! But everyone should at least show some interest. I am fed up with the who cares attitude. 😦

  4. Bibhu Prasad Nayak says:

    “19,student,blogger”,as you go on to introduce yourself.Blogger???And that too only 2 blogs old!!!Anyways doesnt matter.But it seems that you have a plethora of thoughts in your mind.

    At this age when most people venturing into blogging prefer writing college based love stories(with due respect to the love story writers),one needs to be a brave-heart to write on such a topic.Kudos!!! to you for the attempt.

    I appreciate the way you think.I think if I had to write on the same I would have perhaps gone on to write pages.You were short but nevertheless your message was loud and clear.

    “Youth”???What for we call ourselves “Youth”?Perhaps its fashionable and trendy.But youths need to ponder over the actual reason.You did.I did.And I guess many others who read this will do it.Budding engineers,doctors and what not-all self motivated to mint money,anyone thinking of the nation?

  5. thenewdimension says:

    I appreciate your comments! 🙂
    I am waiting for someone to contradict me. May be they are shying away to post here.

  6. thenewdimension says:

    I would like to add @v_shakthi’s comment from twitter, @v_shakthi: @dibyabttb your blog is good , you have a good potential to become a popular blogger . I think you are very good

  7. Hi! thanks for sharing ur blog link with me! a very good start! I totally agree with ur point of view! like u said , an awareness of the situations (political, social, economic) prevailing in our own country as well as arnd the world, is must fr the Youth! I liked ur rqst to the pple who cannot do anything abt the system to just shut up and follow the system!

  8. Monisha says:

    Exactly, very few people are there who really care to know anything about the nation…everyone is after money. I know money is important but is there any limit for how much money do we need actually?
    We say we are Indians but the youth today do not really care where the nation is heading towards. If this is called conservative attitude, I too will be proud to be a conservative rather than being “modernised”.
    Good thought…

  9. Debasish says:

    hey buddy… wonderfully placed.
    i really appreciate you a lot to pen down your thoughts on such a critical topic.
    but i beg to defer on some points that you mention much to the disagreement of some who have commented above.
    first…your blog was nucleated on the fact that the Indian youth are unaware of the political proceedings of the country.but please say me honestly how many of us are affected by the ongoing elections,the budgets,the bills,the reservations,and so on…Does it affect us anyway??many of you may think me to be very rude to think that way.but thats the naked fact.do we stop going to schools/colleges because in a election a party won whom we didnt support or because the party selected a president who is not efficient enough.i think we THE YOUTH are more concerned about their own future.and there is no specific reason they shouldnt do that too.what for we go to college,what for we study so much,what for we burn out night lamps….the answer is simple…to have a good future where we can ensure a good and more specifically a EASY life for us and our family.
    its just the rush of youthful blood that makes you think so.i wont blame you.but the hard fact stands that we are compelled to think of joining a good MBA college or getting through M. tech. or…by our parential or social outfits.
    Second…i want to place some facts here.when our country got independent form the whites it had small existing kingdoms.the kings still enjoyed the administrative power but not so monetarily.so in a run to make the country republic the leaders asked the kings to merge their kingdom with the nation and also assured them that they would still be in a commanding position in the assembly.the trend still exists.people think are virtually the king if they make it to the assembly even though they are hardly knowledgeable.so whenever a person tries to reform the nation they are not allowed to do so.i can give u many examples….our honourable ex-president APJ Abdul Kalam,Indira Gandhi,rahul Gandhi….and list continues.
    the reasons are many my friend to oppose your concern but too many to place it here.i want to conclude by stating that we souldnt be more concerned about the political status of our country.the more preferable is getting along the stream and flow along smoothly being least concerned about the nations progress in the politics.what makes the country powerful and prosperous is money and we can help it achieve by a good job with a handsome salary.
    if Pranav mistry would have been concerned about the country he would never have been able to build the sixth sense,if tendulkar would have been concerned then may be would never have been abl to play for the country.its the youth my dear friend.use it for personal benefit rather than getting it in the Que of people publishing there concerns about the country’s improvement.
    finally…dibya very sorry if i have hurt you.but that is what i think.no hard feelings against you.i also want your review on this.

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