The Power of Indian Youth

Some days ago, I had written a blog named “I don’t want to be called as youth”. It was based on the WHO CARES attitude of the present-day youth. It was about how wrong the youth is in its attitude. I decided to write another blog on the same issue reminding their power (In the process, I am also reminding myself as I am also part of the youth).
It is undoubtedly accepted that the youth is the future of the nation. The biggest reason that makes them more powerful than the rest of the society is their ability to take risk for a change. They have the enthusiasm and innovativeness to bring about change. The power of youth must be harnessed properly to set the society on the path of change.
The youth has gained more importance today because of the rate at which the population of youth increases. India is in an advantageous position as a greater proportion of the population is or will be entering their productive age. This is called as ‘youth bulge’. Such a situation of ‘youth bulge’ helps the country by providing abundant supply of workforce and increasing the per capita output. As the population of children and elderly becomes small in such case, the country needs to spend less on the dependent population assuring higher economic growth.
According to figures, youth form 18% of the world population. But in case of India, 65% of the population is youth. So India stands to gain from the ‘youth bulge’. The working population of India is expected to grow by more than 47 million by 2020. This gives us a great opportunity, but the opportunity can be capitalized if the powers of youth harnessed properly.
The youth can contribute to India’s success and progress only if they are equipped with skills and knowledge. Youth without relevant skills and knowledge can actually derail the economy and create more trouble for the country. Therefore, it’s high time that the policy planners of the country make plans to nurture the youth and their aspirations. The plans should be able to harness the potential of the youth. Governments are rolling out initiatives for all round progress of the youth. Still much needed be done. The youth are also expected to grow mentally to be competent enough to play an important role in the nation building. Their dedication, hard work, innovativeness and quest of knowledge will not only help them to lead a satisfied life but will also be their contribution towards making India a superpower as dreamed by one of the role model of the Indian youth, former president, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.


11 thoughts on “The Power of Indian Youth

  1. neat post pal 🙂 wow 65% among us are youth,dat’s an unbeatable combination if u add a little social activism to it.Which is obviously abundant in this blogger.I’m lucky to have pals like this on the net.


  2. Kirti Choudhary says:

    Thank you sir,
    you have increased our confidence through this message.
    now I’ll also try to become a true INDIAN youth inspiring by you.

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