A New Chapter under a New Teacher

A new chapter has been opened. The new teacher came, saw and started the new chapter. I am not talking about any school or its teacher. I am talking about BJP and its new president Mr Nitin Gadkari. The recently concluded conclave in Indore showed up a united face of the BJP. Remember, some days ago national media were showing the stories of deeply divided BJP. BJP was divided into factions and power centers. Then, we saw the RSS and its new chief (you can compare him to be the new Head Master of the school) Mohan Bhagwat coming in and giving BJP its youngest president in the form of Nitin Gadkari.
My discussion in this blog concentrates on the events which happened after the election (selection?) of Gadkari as the president. Gadkari is known for his no-nonsense attitude. He is remembered in Maharashtra for his contribution to the no. of road and bridge projects he initiated during the SS-BJP govt. The biggest question, when he became the president, was if he would be able to form bridges between the different factions. The biggest advantage in favor of him was that he was not a part of any of the factions. Now, when I analyze Gadkari’s performance, I see that he has succeeded in hiding all the flaws in the party organization. Can you remember any incident hampering the party discipline after his election? We cannot say that every problem is solved, but we can definitely assume that the system is not in an excited state.
The RSS chief’s backing has helped him, no doubt. But we cannot deny the credit to Gadkari. He is innovative. He is hitting the congress at the points, where it hurts the most. He is again and again saying that he started his career as a party worker pasting posters for the party and now he has become the president of that party. He deliberately says that he has no family background in politics still he has rose to the party top post unlike the Congress where surname and family comes first when deciding one’s political future. He is infusing young blood into the party. He is certainly opening the chapter of Nitin, Modi, Jaitley, Sushma of BJP after the finish of Atal, advani, Rajnath, Joshi chapter.
You hear him; you can mark the difference between him and any other politician. He seems to be selfless. He demands performance audit from his colleagues. He distributes cards which read, “I like people who can get the work done”. He dares to take on SS tigers and openly disapproves SS theory of Marathi Asmita. He doesn’t hesitate to do a Rahul Gandhi to visit and lunch with a Dalit. He comes up with an innovative solution for the Ayodhya issue. Have you ever heard any right wing leader asking for having both mandir and masjid side by side in Ayodhya. And as we assume that he has got the the RSS backing, we can conclude that the RSS also has no problems with both the mandir and the masjid being built side by side at the disputed land. It is proved by the silence of the Hindu groups like the VHP, Bajrang Dal on the issue.
He is giving gestures that the party is actually becoming younger day by day. He sings an old bollywood song on the stage to so his youthfulness. His core team is said to consist of leaders in their youth. He is making himself accessible to the party-workers. He is checking his e-mail inbox himself and replying to them. He has taken up the muslim reservation issue with most importance. It actually can help BJP to garner the support of the youth as one can expect a protest like the anti-OBC reservations some years ago can happen if the central govt. launches the reservations.
Though we have not seen much of Gadkari’s politics yet, I can see a great leader and organizer in him. He can make things happen. He is the new teacher hired by the head master. Head master has given him full freedom to experiment with techniques; he has also got the freedom to punish if a student turns unruly. Now, let us wait and see, if the students prosper under the new teacher.


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