Taslima, Hussain exposed us

In the recent past, M F Hussain and Taslima Nasreen were in news again. For those, who have not tracked the related news, here is a brief sum up:
News related to MF Husain: A piece of News of MF Hussain planning to accept a Qatar request to accept the Qatar citizenship came. As Indian constitution doesn’t approve dual-citizenship, the news implied that Hussain had to leave the Indian citizenship. The national media took much interest in the issue and showed it to be a shame for the Indian system.
News related to Taslima Nasreen: An article in a Kannada daily appeared which was claimed to be written by the controversial author Taslima Nasreen. The article contained some offensive comments on the practice of wearing burqa in Islam. Riots evoked. Later, Taslima denied of writing any article for the daily and the Karnataka govt. filed an FIR against the daily.
My focus is not on these to recent news. I even don’t see these two events isolated. When I see these two events in totality, considering our past actions, I feel we have showcased our double standards. We acted in a way that suits to our own ideology and which helped us to gain some personal profits. Not only the governments but all political parties let us down with their acts.
Hussain faced the protests of the Hindu nationalists because of his paintings figuring nude Hindu goddesses. It is shameful that many tried to defend Hussain claiming the paintings part of modern art. Another defense for Hussain was that every artist has the freedom of expression. No problem if the paintings just had contained nude women, but if the nude paintings are of goddesses of any religion, the act must be condemned. Again, freedom of expression doesn’t entitle you to abuse others. But when the Hindu organizations opposed Hussain, the so called seculars supported him. The fact they ignored that it’s the sentiments that must not be hurt by any individual. While the Hindu organizations protested violently as the painter was a Muslim, the seculars supported him due to the same fact. If cartoons of Prophet Mohammad is condemned by the same seculars, I don’t see any reasons why nude paintings of Hindu goddesses be treated on the same line. The concept of secularism lost due to the self acclaimed seculars of India.
Hussain left India fearing a public backlash. The decision to leave India had much to do with the violent protests of the Hindu groups. Now, when the news of accepting Qatar citizenship came, again the same seculars started a campaign which virtually tried to say that India lost its jewel (?) due to the Indians opposing him. I don’t find any logic behind such campaigns which ultimately tried to make Hussain a hero. Even if he hadn’t accepted the Qatar citizenship, he would have not returned to India any way. Even Hussain has cleared that his decision has more to do with the monetary reasons and tax exemptions he is going to get in Qatar.
This was all about the curious case of Hussain. But when I look at the Taslima case, I wonder if there would have been a Nobel category for double standards, we would have grabbed that without much competition from others. Taslima case is as same as that of the Hussain. Just swap the positions of different groups. Taslima created controversy by writing against Islam in her books. She had to be live in India leaving her own country Bangladesh. Some years ago, she was again in news when she faced violent opposition from Muslim groups (backed by the same seculars supporting Hussain). Indian government (Ruling Party Congress) didn’t extend the visa by bowing to the protests. But something that shocked me was the Hindu groups’ support to Taslima. BJP ruled states expressed their interest to give her shelter in their states. Did they forget that Taslima did the same with Islam that Hussain did to Hinduism? Why same actions of two persons are seen differently? This is not the question to the Hindu groups, the so called secular are also required to answer this. Why abusing a religion which gives you vote is considered as sin? Is this not a sign of our double standards?
But what should have been our response? That’s probably the question you would like to pose to me. In my view, we should have acted with our righteousness. If abusing a religion hurts sentiments of people, then the rule applies to all. So both Hussain and Taslima have hurt the sentiments of the concerned religion. No political party should have supported or opposed these individuals. The religious groups had the moral ground to oppose but not the political parties. It is really shameful that the political parties played politics by mixing it with religion and their double standards created nuisance in the society. Everyone including Hussain and Taslima are permitted to stay in India but they must remember they should not try to tamper with the social fabric of this country. Hindus and Muslims are part of the Indian culture and for the matter of fact anybody trying to politicize through double standards won’t be able to create divide between the two communities.


8 thoughts on “Taslima, Hussain exposed us

  1. Hmm, this is one line off thought , I think it is time that the pseudo secularism ended and the vote bank politics that is causing all this was stopped .

    Good one !

  2. ashok joawn says:

    very true..but is it possible to remove double standards from politics. with politicians who make non issues into issues and vice versa for their personal political agenda we are a long way from looking at an honest and straight view on critical problems faced by the country.

  3. piyush says:

    hmmmmmmmm its good,ya its true dat political parties are taking d benefits of communal tensions between different religions…..so der must be bill or order to protect d cultures nd to prevent d communal riots……….d government should take neccesary steps to control dis things……..or a common board consists of different group people.mst be formd wich wil look after dis things……….

  4. subhadip says:

    Yes,definitely u have found a common thread between the two separate incidents..u r right in saying dat political parties r not right in participating in the protests against or for the above mentioned two indians.
    but dirty politics has been a part of indian culture since long…..if priyanka gandhi wearing jeans can bring out comments from the political parties.
    then these two events r just 2 big 2 miss friend.
    gr8 post..
    point taken.

  5. Deepak Kumar Mohanty says:

    This is really a great analysis of the issue… Well, just to put my submission, I feel the free speech debate or the freedom of expression and its clash with certain ideology/culture has no end, until and unless we break our silence. The writer rightly pointed out the hypocrisy deep-rooted in all of us.

    I may sound a supporter of Husain after he was thrown out from the country with fear of his life. But if we look at our long tradition and custom, there are many such cases in which we proudly take the liberty to slander and question our own faith. At the same time if I find the work of the Danish cartoonist or the Taslima Nasrin provoking then Husain too comes to the same bracket… the boundary for artistic freedom should be same for all.

    Moreover, in case of Nasrin, even though she doesn’t enjoy all fundamental rights as a formal citizen of India, the Hindu right wing parties never raised voice against her taking religion and society as a whole. Yes, if Husain’s painting hurt all Hindus then everyone has the right to protest but not by abusing the law.

    The entire episode is also a failure of the system. On one hand, the Congress party despite being in power for six year couldn’t provide security to one of its citizen, while the self-proclaimed defenders of Hinduism and BJP continued their protest in the name of religion and culture. Why we see two similar things in a completely different way??

    We all are just pseudo secular liberals… I think it’s time for self-realisation!

  6. J.lat says:

    The theme of this letter is not “I am merely pointing out what I have observed.” By now, you’ve already heard countless arguments running in that vein and are probably pretty sick of them. The theme of this letter is “Miss Taslima Nasreen spews lies as easily as a cuttlefish squirts out ink.” What follows is a set of observations I have made about what I call socially inept, contumacious anarchists. Next time, Miss Nasreen, you may want to check your facts correctly. Because of her eagerness to participate in riots, the portents indicate that, as soon as our backs are turned, Miss Nasreen will destroy our country from within. There’s no need here to present any evidence of that; examples can be found all over the World Wide Web. In fact, a simple search will quickly reveal that what really irks me is that Miss Nasreen has presented us with a Hobson’s choice. Either we let her weaken family ties or she’ll destroy the natural beauty of our parks and forests. Now for some parting advice: Look at the facts. Analyze the arguments. Think about the motives of the people who are telling you that Miss Taslima Nasreen’s scribblings provide a liberating insight into life, the universe, and everything. And have confidence in yourself. Remember, she is fiddling while Rome burns.

  7. J.lat says:

    It’s unlikely that this letter will win me many friends or even garner much attention. However, writing it is the only way I know to expose Miss Taslima Nasreen’s stances for what they really are. Note that some of the facts I plan to use in this letter were provided to me by a highly educated person who managed to escape Miss Nasreen’s rambunctious indoctrination and is consequently believable. If Miss Nasreen thinks that she has a duty to conceal the facts and lie to the rest of us, under oath if necessary, perjuring herself to help disseminate the True Faith of mandarinism then maybe she should lay off the wacky tobacky. Her deputies say, “The best way to make a point is with foaming-at-the-mouth rhetoric and letters filled primarily with exclamation points.” Yes, I’m afraid they really do talk like that. It’s the only way for them to conceal that there are two related questions in this matter. The first is to what extent Miss Nasreen has tried to revive the ruinous excess of a bygone era to bounce and blow amidst the ruinous excess of the present era. The other is whether or not it may seem at first that Miss Nasreen has no ground and no right to repeat the mistakes of the past. When we descend to details, however, we see that Miss Nasreen has found a way to avoid compliance with government regulations, circumvent any further litigation, and waste taxpayers’ money—all by trumping up a phony emergency. My goal for this letter was to question authority. Know that I have done my best while trying always to put inexorable pressure on Miss Taslima Nasreen to be a bit more careful about what she says and does. Let an honest history judge.

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