This is not Martyrdom, This is Murder

On the morning of the 6th of the April we were served with the news of 76 jawans being killed by the Maosists in an unexpected attack. Unexpected for our security services which are responsible to tackle the Maoists. It was really unexpected as our Home Minister had to admit that “Something went wrong very badly”. The news channels were all charged up with the visuals. We saw the pics of the ambushed jawans. Again we lost another set of jawans and we called them as martyrs.

Are they really martyrs? I say they were murdered, not by the Maoists, but by us, our government and our system. Our hands are red with the blood of our own jawans who were hacked to death without their fault. The Maoists attacked the jawans at their will and achieved the feat they had wanted. Where was our secret agency to inform about such acts? Why the anti-landmine vehicles are not able to defy the land mine blasts? Why are we jumping into the war with Maoists, giving war screams to end the Maoists in three years when we have not done enough ground planning? These are some hard questions to answer, but really exposes the weakness of our system.

Such kind of internal insurgency are treated as terrorism of late. We are getting ready to take strong actions against the home born terrorists. We are ready with the Operation Green Hunt. We are taking such steps despite the resistance of some foolish intellectuals supporting these terrorists. But are we well prepared? Just try to remember when did our jawans had killed some Mao terrorists in a gun battle last time. But you can surely remember when did last the Maoists had killed our men. Just take the example from my state. A district Malkangiri in Orissa has seen more than 300 jawans being killed by the Maoists. In fact, 2 days before the Dantewada incident, Maosists had killed 12 CRPF jawans in Malkangiri. But our security services did not wake up.

Why? Why a country is not being able to defeat a bunch of people with a violent ideology? As our HM said, something is lacking. I hope P Chidambaram finds what are those factors to finish the problem within 3 years as he had promised earlier. For these he needs to take serious approach towards the job. Resigning will not do as no other in UPA 2 better than him to perform the job of the HM. If we want to turn this murder into martyrdom, then we must find the way to contain the Maoists and finish them up.


6 thoughts on “This is not Martyrdom, This is Murder

  1. whats lacking is support from political bodies. to do a witch hunt within your borders you need much more than men and machines to do it. that is very difficult because there are some assholes who support maoists and they are people just like you and me who think maoists are reacting because they are victims of discrimination.

  2. People of India are also not so eager about such an operation.It is easier to pin blame on other nations and keep saying everything is OK with our country! We have to stand up and take part in cleansing our house. We have a great leader in P Chidambaram. he has the vision.Its upto the administration and state govts to implement it!

  3. hi, nice take…but then we cannot handle the maoists like we do with terrorists! neither can we leave them to run amoke! we need to use stick while offering a carrot. first requirement is police reforms and better training should be imparted to the paramilitary forces! and along the way administrative steps like trying to bring the ordinary folks in consonant with moving times…

  4. anyonymous says:

    internal insurgency has been the biggest threat to our contry till late and it is a sad thing that the core issues like economic exploitation,relocation,callous governance,poverty are the driving forces of maoism which are not addressed.and time and again we MURDER our jawans

  5. srinivas says:

    All it needs is a politician with balls,like YSR. He single handedly wiped them out from A.P. This Chidambaram bastard has no balls in hus lungi.

  6. Nishant Singh says:

    There are times when one has to deal with reality and say nough is enough. Quoting a line from Clash of the Titans – One day, somebody’s got to make a stand. One day, somebody’s got to say enough…
    YSR Reddy did indeed do good work in AP but the same isn’t been replicated by other states which is a real shame I feel. The Government, I feel, is confused on what its action should be. It is too worried about how the international community might take to news on government declaring War on internal threats? Nothing can come out of such ideology and sadly the governments have still to wake up from the slumber and realise their mistake!

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