Are We Responsible Youth?

I had started my blogging with the blog “i don’t want to be called as youth” which was about the who cares attitude of the Indian youth. In the continuance of the same topic i had written a piece “the power of indian youth” reminding the youth of India about their powers. This blog is a sequel to those two blogs.

In the march issue of INDIA TODAY ASPIRE, a detailed report of a survey was published. The survey was conducted by TAM Media Research on the media consumption amongst the youth of India. (Full Report Here). Before going into the discussion let’s have a look on the results. While the general entertainment channels occupies around 49% of the time that an average youth spends on TV, 18% is for the movies channels. News comes at no. 3 with 6.8% share, music channels a close 4th with 5.8%. Shares of other channels are as follows: Sports- 3.3%, Kids- 2.7%, Infotainment- 1.1%, Comedy- 1% and Religious- 0.4%. The age group that is considered in the survey is 15-24.

The percentages of News and Infotainment have disappointed me. No problem if we watch general entertainment or movies channels. But why such a low amount of time is spent on the news and the infotainment genre. While we continue the debate that the news channels should show useful news concentrating on news that may affect the nation, we miss the actual reason why the media show us more bollywoodised news. Don’t you think we, being the youth, should be more responsible?

I know there are some exception, but believe me their number is so low that the concept of “youth is future of the country” has ceased to be present in the mind of the society. Even before i checked the results, i knew that the share of the news would be low as that is obvious, but so low? I never expected. Shares of music channels which are watched mostly by urban youth are so close to those of the news channels. Thank god, the TAM did not divide the shares of news as National news, Bollywood news, Sports news etc. In that case, the shares of the real news would have been much lower. Probably this is the cause why politicians have cheated us since our independence. We do not even care to know how they cheat us. Many bills get passed without proper discussion in the parliament, do we care? Even if the discussion is done, do we care to know that? How to tame the anti socials in the society, our govt.s may not care, do we care to think about the issue and suggest ways to the govt.?

We know that we have the power to make our country the best in the world, but do we care to realise our responsibilities? If your answers to the questions are no, time has come to either go out of the society or to throw out those who care to serve the country.


8 thoughts on “Are We Responsible Youth?

  1. Debasish says:

    Good one…
    well u got it right buddy.v rarely watch news.
    it shud b a habit of the youth.
    well even i dont watch a lot of those…[:p]
    have 2 start soon..

  2. The statistics you have put forward is really alarming! It is so not done. If we do not understand our responsibilities and do not stand up to them how can our nation move forward. I personally do not watch much of TV now a days. News channels and a few daily shows are all i watch. But at a personal level i always try to extract value out of that. Be it entertainment or infotainment. In fact i would like to share some experience. Whenever i chat with my friends,we do talk about many things in life. but socially relevant issues always form a minority. They dont want “NDTV” chat they say! This is i guess a reflection of the society. We are more concerned about what is happening in the lives of our screen idols rather than what is happening around us!

  3. The answer is very simple. Coz we dont get news any more! I like to believe that I am a politically conscious youth, yet I dont watch TV and more specifically news. Indian media is a joke. I would rather read a newspaper in the morning and for breaking news I use twitter and blogs. 🙂

  4. thenewdimension says:

    You do not need to watch news channel and can get it from news papers, twitter and blogs. But what about the commoners? well people now-a-days dont like to read news papers and twitter and blogs are not still that popular.

    • I like to believe that I am a commoner. I agree that not everyone is into reading blogs and reading twitter timelines. But everyone is fed up of the entertainment served as news.

      I am just saying is that I and other ppl like me are also responsible for the drop in News viewer ship but that doesn’t indicate anything except that news is crappy.

      We still stay in touch with the latest happening. And so, the stats may not be as bad as they seem. And if they are, its more to do with bad news than bad youth

      • thenewdimension says:

        i don’t think every news on the channels is bad. May be in some issues, media is over-stepping but i believe that is negligible. And i believe for those who don’t have an access to the twitter etc and find reading news paper boring, the only way to get in touch with the happenings of the world is through news channels. No alternative present.

  5. Do you want to watch News like this

    With Channels like the one mentioned above, i have lost faith on news channel. Give me one sane hindi news channel, which doesnt hog for limelight saying “Breaking News” or one that doesnt say, “Yaad Rakhiye, Yeh aapne pehele dekha ****** channel parr”

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