The Most Valuable Batsman of IPL3

League phase and one semi final of the 3rd season of IPL has ended. Mumbai Indians have sailed through the finals. Those who know me, know that I am a big follower of Saurav ‘dada’ Ganguly. I have been supported the Kolkata Knight Riders team for last 3 years in-spite of their poor performances. What was satisfying for me and lakhs of his followers that he replied to his critics with some great knocks this time. Now he is the no.3 batsman in the Orange cap list. But do you know he is the most valuable player in this IPL? Here is an analysis by a Dada fan @kingshuknag. Thanks @kingshuknag for sharing the information. (The statistics used are of the league phase, it does not include stats of the 1st semifinal)


7 thoughts on “The Most Valuable Batsman of IPL3

  1. the analysis is flawed mate you are comparing 3 openers with a batsman who comes one down..and lets be fair to yusuf too who bats low down the order. An opening batsman gets a cushion of scoring more runs since he bats in powerplay dont forget that

    • thenewdimension says:

      The comparison was between the batsmen in the IPL Orange Cap list. In fact Raina’s comparatively lower contribution for team’s winning has been justified by the the good performance of their opener Murli Vijay.
      Regarding the comment to Yusuf Pathan, it was just the frustration of the creator(@kingshuknag) not to see Dada in the IPL Awards nominations Best Batsman list but Yusuf finds a place there. But the analysis is about the Dada not about Yusuf

  2. TEJA says:

    Hat’soff to DADA.The analysys made by @kingshuknag is really great.DADA should rock in spite of dirty indian cricket politics

  3. Very nice statistics man!! I myself am a HUGE dada fan and was VERY disappointed when he was not selected by any teams in this year’s IPL.Those idiots have no idea on what they are missing out. It is so sad that dada had an early exit from international cricket and even now.A cricketer like dada deserves so much more recognition. If it was not for Greg Chappel(that *******) I think he would still be playing.

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