This is not Love for Cricket. This is Bias for Cricket.

From the title and the pic on the left, you must have imagined what is this blog all about. I remember having discussions with many on the topic of Cricket vs Other Sports. Being a cricket lover doesn’t mean that I don’t respect other games, still i always support cricket on the very topic of cricket vs other sports. I am of the view that cricket is so popular in India due to the consistent performance of the cricketers and the success level of other sports is not of the level of Cricket. I believe that the sports lovers of India are ready to give equal respect and love to other sports and players if they win major tournaments consistently like the Indian cricket team.

But after the sporting events of the last and this week, i am rethinking my position. It seems to me that our love for cricket has turned into our bias for cricket. Probably this cover page of the The SportsStar (Jun 12-18 2004) clearly narrates the story.

In last 10 days, we saw Indian men cricket team crashing out of the T20 World Cup while our women team secured a place in the semifinals. The men team couldn’t even win a single game in the Super8 stage, rather surrendered in those matches. Strangely, India is considered as one of the strongest team in the world and it has failed to enter the semifinal stage of the last 3 ICC events (2009 T20 WC, 2009 Champions Trophy and 2010 T20 WC). To state the truth more bluntly, India has failed to win a single Super 8 matches in these 3 tournaments. On the other hand, the Indian eves entered the semifinal this year though not many were interested(or aware?) about the women T20 WC. Even it was shocking that many people came to know about the news today itself when the focus on the men team shifted though they had reached the semis 2 days before.

In other sports, India is doing pretty well though many are not aware of it. We can not blame the people for it. If the media doesn’t want to show us the news, how can we expect everyone to keep track of other sports? Indian Hockey Team defeated the Pakistan and the Australia convincingly in the Azlan Shah Cup Hocky. Can you please find the story for me in the paper? I am sure you will find the news of Indian defeats in cricket before these news. Even the stories of Vishwanathan Anand becoming the World Champion did not find the media space it deserved. News channels were showing this news as “Vishy brings smile on the face of Indians after India’s loss in T20 WC” and showing after the news of India’s defeat being shown.

Even after defeat, we are still talking about cricket. The stupidity of our Indian players were well exposed when the so-called great captain of the team blames the IPL parties for the loss. I wonder how the parties did not wear out the CSK (ironically captain’s team) players who won the IPL or the Australian, English or the Lankan players who are in the semifinal now. The excuse was poorer than the on-field performance. Still we are talking about cricket. News just I am watching while writing this blog that an agonized fan tears the jersey of Ashish Nehera when the players were ‘enjoying‘ after the loss to  Sri Lanka. On the other hand, there is no telecast of the Azlan Shah Cup Hockey in India. Our NATIONAL channel DoorDarshan fights to show India’s cricket match, but no channel showing India winning in our NATIONAL game. The hockey lovers of India who are fortunate to have internet access are tracking the matches through live commentary on the Azlan Shah Cup website. The hockey lovers who wait for the news in the media get disappointed after they end up seeing stories on India’s losses in Cricket.

Remember the kind of awards and honour we had bestowed on the cricket players after they won the 2007 T20 WC? Now, we hear the news that the head of the chess federation N Sreenivasan (yes, you guessed right, the secretary of the BCCI) has not yet sent a congratulatory message to the Chess World Champion Vishy Anand. (Read the blog by Sanjeeb Mukherjea on this: Being Real Cool) If this is the state of other sports, then who is to blame? Before blaming the players ( who are the ‘unlucky’ brothers of the rich cricketers) for not performing consistently, shouldn’t we blame the boards, the media and ourselves, who in the name of love for cricket actually possess bias for cricket.



19 thoughts on “This is not Love for Cricket. This is Bias for Cricket.

  1. every sportsperson deserves equal respect from people.we may have our favourites but that should not turn into biases,for example Vishwanathan Anand winning the WOrld championship is not a Major NEWS.Indian team crashing out in T20WC is.

    Being a totally non-sports lover i have nothing much to say here.I hardly watch any sports,live aside cricket!

    • thenewdimension says:

      Had Sourav Ganguly been the captain i am pretty sure, it would not have been the situation. 😀 Actually, in this blog, i am criticising more the system than the players. Last line tells the story (remember the last blog?) 😛

  2. Yes obviously the system needs a overhaul not just in sports but in all spheres 🙂 LAST BLOG….yeahhhh i havent yet read your reply…..will do so after exams…dont wanna divert attention to other things now

  3. Nice post!

    I think the reason Cricket is so popular – even when the team is not doing well is because BCCI, in spite of being quite bad – are still the best sports body in the country.

    How can one really have hope in Indian hockey seeing the way it is run? Players are not paid, accused wrongly of charging money for playing benefit matches, etc..

    About football, I honestly see no reason to follow Indian football. It is tough – especially when one is used to the european quality.

    About Anand, it is indeed a shame his victory wasnt the frontpage headline. I am very sure (at least hope) most Indians appreciate what he has done.

    I find it quite funny when TV channels show his winning news after cricket and the next day have a poll whether ‘WE’ dont appreciate Anand enough.

    • thenewdimension says:

      Right! No need to support each sport. But at least we should support the ones in which our players are doing well.

  4. Mahaprasad Mishra says:

    Ha ha … It’s obvious. Cricket is so popular in this sub-continent that it dominates all other games. I have come across many old & experienced people who said Cricket is a Useless Sports that spoils the Youth even when India won the 20-20 World Cup and even after winning some major tournaments. I feel it was right after coming through your blog. But being an admirer of Cricket, I still feel it made the career of many Youth in India. India is considered as one of the greatest team of all time in this industry. Comparing Cricket with other Sports of India, I feel It’s Cricket that tops. But India also hinted it’s potentiality in other Sports too. It would be a foolish step, if to highlight other Sports of India by scarifying Cricket. Being a developing country, India should excel in every Sports, and it’s possible if every sports enhanced properly and by the Gems from the respective Fields as done in Cricket. It’s really nice post dear … Have a nice time …

  5. akshay says:

    Dear Dibya..
    Your article is good one but leaving no option other than to go as it is….
    I think we should run a nation wide campaign, to take these cricketers on ground,,,, I have following suggestions…i don’t know how much they are feasible but…just mentioning …
    1) SATYAGRAH on cricket matches… I will not see single ball played by Indian cricket team…
    2) Protest against the products marketed by Indian Cricketers…. this is because they think that making money from the adv is more imp than making money from the matches… for your information… even if they loose any match.. They get full payment… (sala hame toh office me bhi performance allowance katke milta he 🙂 )
    3) Complete BAN on IPL… we will not see any IPL cricket match till we won the world cup… if not this we will wait till we get in future…
    4) BAN on Politicians who are involved in Cricket… irrespective of the party… In this case I would like to include great Modiji’s name also… feeling very sad but don’t want to spare any one.
    5) We all should send every update of all other sports news to all our friends.. why to blame media.. lets start one grp where we can discus abt other sports news and we can update abt the same to our friends… friends ka friends… and so on… (I think Dibya ,,,you are the right person to do this…)

    There are many but these many I can list out write now… these are acceptable then I can give some more ideas too… rest all fine…

    • thenewdimension says:

      Thanks for the read! Your anger was evident from your comments. Many of the comments, as you had apprehended at 1st, do not seem to be feasible. I don’t think IPL was responsible for the debacle. n fact, IPL could have been used as a tool to improve as the players of other teams did. Well, your suggestion 5 is a very good 1. I feel there will be many fans of other sports and we can start a group consisting of like-minded people. 🙂

  6. It’s sad we are so obsessed with cricket and it’s demi Gods. Most sportpersons are just guys running around, having a good time, and if lucky making a fast buck ! I wish people would stop respecting them so much !

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