Am I So Good?

According to Hindu belief, we are in Kalyug now. That means most of us are bad or to say it in a decent manner we are not so good. But what I see everyday, makes me to believe that I am a very good person and people like me so much. These are the happenings that happen with me almost everyday that will prove that ‘I am so good’

1. Everyday, I receive at least 20 SMSes from the service provider of my mobile service provider or different shops that they have exclusive offers, exciting discounts and many such exclusive offers for me. Wow! Isn’t that cool? Am I so good that these business organisations, who never hesitate to cheat people, like me and have so many offer for me?

2. Once in a month, I receive a different kind of SMS that gives me the good news that my cell no. is selected for some XYZ prize in London or some where else (outside India) and the prize amount is in pound or dollar. The amount mentioned is a huge one. It always has so many zeros that I often check if any digit is there on the left of the zeros! How lucky I am! Even people of foreign countries know how good I am and they honour me with such astronomical amount of money!

3. Not just on SMSes, even the people of virtual world know that I am so good. They send me mails saying that I have won a lottery in England.

4. Another type of mails I find in my inbox asks me to give my bank account details to the sender of the mail so that they can give me the money my relative has given me before dying in Africa. Cool Yaar! I have relatives in Africa too! They did not remember me when they were alive as you know Africa is too hot for me to live there. So while dying, they remembered my name and e-mail Id and made me the happy owner of such a huge amount of money. I am so good!

5. I know you are getting jealous of me by reading about my goodness. So here is the last one. These are mails my friends send me saying that he/she is in Nigeria and his/her all money and laptop are stolen. I must help them by sending some money to the hotel manager of the hotel they are staying otherwise they won’t leave my friend. My friend adds that he/she is sending the mail from the laptop of the manager. I am so good. My friends remember me when they are in problem. Even when they are in Nigeria.

I am so good! Now please don’t get jealous. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Am I So Good?

  1. Aditya/@TaiyouSun says:

    Rofl! The last one is really awesome, such friends of mine have never even contacted me when they were leaving in same city! :p

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