Independence for Indian Youth

[Submitted as an entry to ‘Mera Bharat Mahan‘ contest by Blogadda in association with PringOO]

1st of all a very happy independence to all of you. While we enter the 64th year of our independence, we must have our focus right. With 65% of our population is youth, our focus right now has to be the ‘youth’. The nation knows the power of Indian youth. But does the youth know its power? Are they responsible youth? The time has come for the youth to come to the front and start doing. For that to happen, the youth must realise their responsibility. But do they? Which are the areas the youth is comfortable to work in? Moreover what do they think of the current problems that India is facing? To answer this question satisfactorily, i tried to conduct a survey among the youth of age group 15-40. Before discussing the role of youth, here are the results of the survey.

[Though the sample space of the survey is small (223), I have tried to reach out to as many different personalities as possible. The sample space consists youth from 12 states of India with varied background. Hence I assume the findings to be similar to the national prospect. You can visit the survey form here: What Does The Indian Youth Think? Special thanks to Agnivo, who helped the survey to get many youth from Kolkata]

There were 10 questions in total.

1. Which is the biggest problem in front of the modern India?

The trend shows that the youth doesn’t find the population to be a problem any more. Rather corruption and lack of political leadership is youth’s concern. Even terrorism is not a big problem, according to the youth. From these results, it can be inferred that youth wants to clear the internal mess and systemic failures. That’s certainly a good indication.

2. Do the current politicians and the political system instill confidence in you?

This should be shown to the current politicians of the country. Only 5% are satisfied with the current leadership. Isn’t that a matter of shame for the country’s politicians?

3. Can we ever dream of a hunger free India?

This one is certainly positive. With 62% youth (who will be planning for the future) hoping for a hunger free India, a ray of hope is visible. Even after 63 years of Independence, we have not achieved the dream of hunger free India. Now it is the time for the youth to take up the cause of a hunger free India.

4. Are you satisfied with the current youth leadership of India?

While the last findings were positive ones, this is certainly some thing on the negative side. This result is not unexpected though. When 82% of the youth are not happy with the youth leadership, the there has to be some problem. The face of Indian youth leadership Rahul Gandhi is silent on most issues. Despite of the initial euphoria, he has failed to change anything inside his party. On many serious issues, he has remained silent. At the same time, the youngest BJP president, Nitin Gadkari too have failed to deliver. He has failed to change the party’s public image. With not many promising youth leaders in the offing, such result was expected.

5. Do you think our political class betrayed us on issues like price rise and inflation?

Now we come to youth’s views on some recent issues. 78% of the youth is unhappy with the handling of the price rise issue by the government. 78% is a large no. and that speaks the resentment among the youth.

6. Do you feel proud to have Kashmir in India?

Though there were no one from the Jammu and Kashmir who has taken this survey. So it’s the view of the India-J&K. And 87% are in favor of having Kashmir in India. Despite of the trouble it has created, Kashmir is still an emotive issue for the youth.

7. Can we ever establish peace with Pakistan?

When our PM is trying every way possible to have a long-lasting relationship based on peace with the Pakistan, this question was important. The result is highly divided and majority believes there can be no peace with Pakistan. Not a good result but probably the youth is right when years after years the steps we have taken has failed to yield results.

8. Can India be greener?

This is the most positive result of this survey, I must say. 85% youth believes that India can be greener. With global warming being a major worry for the world leaders such a view generates high hope of the future.

9. Can India be corruption-free?

This is another issue where the result is divided and majority giving not so good views. In the 1st question, where the youth describes corruption to be the largest problem of India, such a view is certainly negative. While the youth is the future and the youth doesn’t believe that the future will be corruption-free, then it’s a serious problem. Youth must be shown the direction to be corruption free.

10. If given a chance, will you join politics?

While we saw that the youth is unhappy with the current way of politics, this result is the result for the future. 73% are ready to clear the mess. While it is a general perception that youth doesn’t want to enter politics, this result is an eye opener. But we must not forget the 1st part of the question ‘if given chance’. Will the current political class give us the chance? Or will it airlift its own family members to run the country? Probably the most significant change that we must bring today to this country is to give the youth more chance to help this country and save this country. This Independence Day should mark the Independence of the youth.

[Submitted as an entry to ‘Mera Bharat Mahan‘ contest by Blogadda in association withPringOO]

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4 thoughts on “Independence for Indian Youth

  1. I had only one observation about the options.There should have been no opinion as an option in some questions. Because sometimes Yes and No cannot be the satisfactory answer.

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