How and When Will Rahul Gandhi be the Prime Minister: A Prediction

Will Manmohan give space to Rahul?

Probably Every one of us is sure about Rahul Gandhi being the Prime Minister of this country, sooner or later. This post is not on the topic if he deserves the post or not simply because that question doesn’t matter. His birth in India’s most powerful family makes him eligible for the post. Anyway, as I said this post is not about why Rahul should (or shouldn’t) be the PM. This post, as the title suggests, is a prediction of the timeline of events that eventually will lead to the golden moment when Rahul will become the PM.

An opinion that is all over the media now is that Manmohan Singh has proved to be incompetent on several issues and needs to start performing. Not just Manmohan is incompetent, the articles have advocated Rahul’s launch as soon as possible. Tuhin Sinha in his post in ToI compares Singh with a nightwatchman shielding the main batsman who is Rahul Gandhi. Tavleen Singh in Indian Express and Soutik Basu in BBC also have asked Sonia Gandhi to become the real leader by giving Manmohan Ji some rest. I wonder how the media which had blasted LK Advani for calling Singh weak during the last elections, suddenly realized that Manmohan is really weak.

I feel a detailed script on how to launch Rahul as PM is already ready. May be the nonperformance of current PM is part of that script and so are the media opinions that demand Rahul’s active participation in the government. Rahul taking a left turn to be the messiah of tribals is also part of the same script. I am not sure if Rahul’s silence over series of issues and speaking only on populist issues (like SRK-ShivSena row or Vedanta-Niyamgiri) is in that course of action. But I have my theory in place on what can this script be. Let me share it with you.

[Disclaimer: This is a work of imagination. I have no access to secret Congress documents neither I have a source in the royal family or party of India. I predict this will be the timeline that will complete the goal of seeing Rahul as the PM of India. My prediction has no connection with any astrologer, human or animal of Indian or foreign origin. I hereby request news channels not to disturb me for these predictions 😛]

October 2010: [After CWG is over] Manmohan Singh orders inquiry against Kalmadi and co. to find the truth behind the allegations of corruption and misdeeds in Commonwealth Games preparations. Rahul takes an anti-Kalmadi stand. Inquiry finds Kalmadi guilty. Govt. starts taking action against it.

November 2010: MS Gill steps down from the post of sports and youth affairs minister taking moral responsibility that he couldn’t contain Kalmadi’s greed. Congress guys express their sympathy for Gill on TV shows. [Gill agrees to the deal with the condition that the credit of the success of the CWG will be given to him- this happens behind the screen]. Mani Shankar Aiyar (can be any one else too) steps in and says that only Rahul can save the Indian sports and requests Rahul Baba to take the responsibility of the sports ministry.

End of November/ Start of December 2010: Rahul agrees and take oath as Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry of the country. (You can make out why this ministry)

2011-2012 till UP elections: Rahul speaks on almost every issue, he becomes the only prominent face of India, some opposition members who have a good relationship with congress guys deliberately try to put Rahul in controversies that attract more eyeballs towards Rahul Baba. In this period Rahul Gandhi may also change his ministry and move to a more prominent one. Leaders of the Congress party demand to make Rahul the PM; Even Manmohan makes statements like “I feel Rahul is ready to take the job of the Prime Minister of India. It will be a victory for India’s Youth.” Rahul declines every time. In the mean time media starts projecting Rahul to be the future leader (by series of Interviews mainly before the UP elections) and many 30 minutes or 1 hour specials comparing Rahul with his father Rajiv.

2012 UP election results: Check: This the first point where the success of the plan is checked and future course of action is decided.

  • If Congress wins UP polls/ does better than its current position in the UP assembly: The whole credit for the success is given to Rahul Gandhi. Some Gandhi family loyalists once again start demanding to make Rahul the PM. Party takes decision to make Rahul the PM. Manmohan makes silent exit and Congress guys along with media will devote one or two days in showing the achievements of the outgoing PM (This will be part of the behind the scene deal). Manmohan may express his displeasure privately. It will also become news for a few days (This is not part of the script but is obvious to happen).
  • If Congress performs miserably/ average: Even befor some one point the finger towards Rahul, UP leaders like Rita Bahuguna Joshi will take the moral responsibility. The operation to make Rahul the PM is stopped till 2014 elections. In this case, Rahul can be the PM only if Congress wins the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Till then Manmohan can enjoy the warmth of the PM kursi. 🙂

This is the timeline of events that will happen if Congress adopts my theory. Let’s see if I am lucky enough to take the position of the octopus Paul! 😉


12 thoughts on “How and When Will Rahul Gandhi be the Prime Minister: A Prediction

  1. Ashik says:

    I really cant comment on events have been narrated, since its pure hypothesis. But I don’t think the route that has been mentioned here to make RG, a PM is Feasible. Sports n Youth Ministry is viable n efficient enough route to make RG PM. Its par below RG’s Prestige. Agree On Non-performance of MMS is part of script.

    Recent statements of Rajdeep Sardesai make me sure that he knows something soon goin to take place. But Indeed I agree 2012 UP election is the event will make sure when Rahul Gandhi will Take oath of the highest office of the nation.

    • It would be a tragedy for India if a fool like Rahul Gandhi becomes the prime minister.
      Please see his credentials:
      1. His mentor is a person like Digvijay Singh for whom Jamia encounter where a policeman died, is a state managed.
      2. Rahul Gandhi spoke only once in Parliament to confuse the public movement on Lokpal.
      3. Rahul Gandhi is vocal about corruption of Mayavati but does not say why Govt. of India which is in his control, could not take swift action against Raja. Action was only taken when Supreme Court intervened.
      4. He goes to Bhatta Pathrol to oppose the land acquisition but since last 8 years, he could not ensure the passage of land acquisition amendment bill.
      Please don’t promote a person like Rahul Gandhi as futureprime minister of India who does not have vision, who cannot take bold action but involves himself in dirty politics with crooks.

  2. Aditya/@TaiyouSun says:

    Well imagined, but I think Manmohan will be given exit due to “Health Issues”(As if they are not there now/will be there then) paving the way for respectful exit and equally respectful entry of Rahul Baba!

  3. I also think this shall be the future of Indian politics…
    And i think there;s no imagination in this, this will actually happen, BJP shall have to wait for atleast a decade to gain power in the centre.

  4. I am sorry but the post is too far fetched and very hypothetical to be true!”golper goru gache choreche” we call in bengali. If RG decides to become the PM he will do it in 2014 in a dignified manner.And SG is a judicious leader and will in no way give a unceremonious exit to MMS

  5. Liasan says:

    Your hypothesis is correct till November. I too agree with previous arguments that Rahul Gandhi will feel Sports Ministry to be too small according to his reputation.

  6. Jay says:

    Does India want a drug addict, womaniser, alcolist PM. MEDIA should Operate secrate operations against this BIGDEL YUVRAJ OF CONGRESS. including his young team also. Is only GANDHI dynasty has the right to rule and loot INDIA.

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