Ayodhya Verdict – Live Blogging

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*UP CM Mayawati briefing the press

*Zafaryab Jilani, lawyer Sunni Wakf Board: We are studying the judgment; in no hurry in moving SC as there is a status quo of three months

*Sunni Wakf Board’s lawyer briefing press

*Disputed structure was built against Islamic tenets. So it cannot be a mosque

*BJP: The verdict is a positive development.

*HC: ASI has proved the structure was a massive Hindu religious structure

*Prakash Javadekar briefing the press

*Mohan Bhagwat: Do not celebrate and do not hurt the sentiment of the others

*RSS Sanghachalak Mohan Bhagawat: This verdict should not be treated as someone’s victory or other’s loss

*RSS Sanghachalak addressing Press

*Hindu Mahasabha Lawyer: Why a split? 100% of land belong to Hindus

*Hindus have been worshipping the place of dispute as birth place of deity, disputed structure can’t be treated as a mosque: Verdict

*The muslim judge Hon’ble Sibghat Ullah Khan held that the sanctum sanctorum will stay with the Hindus.

*The ownership of the disputed site is to be divided into three parts: the site
of the Ram lala idol to Ram, Nirmohi Akhara gets Sita Rasoi and Ram Chabutara,
Sunni Wakf Board gets the rest. : ToI

*Court admits that disputed land is the birthplace of Lord Rama

*Title suit of Nimrohi Akhara rejected

*The verdict is live on web:http://elegalix2.allahabadhighcourt.in/elegalix/DisplayAyodhyaBenchLandingPage.do

*Title suit of Sunni Wakf Board rejected

*If Ravishankar is right then The New Dimension is happy with the verdict as we had opined to share the disputed land.

*If Ravishankar Prasad’s statement is to be believed then Court has decided to divide the disputed land into 3 parts: the main part to build Ram Temple, other two parts for a mosque and to Nirmohi Akhada

*Court says the disputed land is the birth place of Ram Lalla: Ravishankar Prasad

*Indian high court rules that key piece of land disputed by Hindus and Muslims goes in favor of Hindus – al Jazeera TV

*Ravishankar Prasad: Court admits Ram Lalla at right place where he should be. Court decides to divide the land in 3 parts

*One of our reader Adithya ridicules: “Are the lawyers there won a world cup? Lifting the Paper like that” So True!

*The lawyers of every party coming out and making different claims. Wait till the official version is out

*Journalists have created chaos at the Allahabad HC

*Court favours a solution through talks between the two parties: Media

*All issues decided separately

*It is a split verdict: Media

*Ayodhya Verdict any moment.

*Nearly 2lakh troops deployed across UP

*Paramilitary soldiers patrolled outside the Lucknow High Court, Sept. 30, 2010.

[Image Courtesy: Associated Press/Mustafa Quraishi] (link: http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2010/09/30/live-blogging-the-babri-masjid-verdict/)

*Ayodhya verdict: proceeding begins in Allahabad High Court

*Media needs to act more sensitively: Here is a tweet from twitter by @jaydeepshetty “Dear Arnab, Barkha, Rajdeep, today i’m not worried if India will behave responsibly. Its the three of you I’m worried about! (Ayodhya)”

*Arrangements in place to upload verdict on official website within 45 minutes of it being delivered, says district magistrate Lucknow, reports Offstumped

*3 copies of the judgement from the 3 judges will be available (CNN-IBN)

*Judgement will be read out in a close court room. Later it will be put on web here: http://www.allahabadhighcourt.in/ayodhyabench.html

*Update: Ram Janm Bhumi Babri Masjid – Ayodhya Bench website: Decision will be available after 4:00 pm today. http://is.gd/fBU9a


11 thoughts on “Ayodhya Verdict – Live Blogging

  1. Firoz says:

    First Time Seeing Good Role of Media in Ayodhya Verdict !! Everyone in same Tone…No Hindu No Muslim…Only One Religion “INDIAN”

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