An Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi

Dear Sonia Ji,

Wish you merry Christmas and a very happy new year in advance. I wish 2011 is very different for you than what 2010 was for you. How is Rahul Baba’s marriage preparation going on? How is Priyanka Di and Robert Bhaiya ji? Wish them merry Christmas from my side. Now let me state the reason I am writing this open letter to you. You recently made a statement attacking BJP for its doublespeak and double standards on Corruption. You, in fact, dubbed the principal opposition party disqualified to ask you any question on corruption because it has a tainted Chief Minister in Yeddyurappa. Fair enough, you scored some points against BJP by making this statement. But that didn’t deter the common men to ask you the questions which are still unanswered. I, a 21-year-old youth with no official relationship with the BJP, too have some questions for you. I further make it clear that resignation of Yeddyurappa is what I wish and had posted several tweets against Yeddy in the past (what more I could have done? I am not a Gandhi, No one listens to me). I hope you will consider these questions as queries of the citizens of the country which you indirectly rule. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you about Subramanyam Swamy’s allegations that 2  sisters of yours, Anushka and Nadia, received sixty percent of the kickbacks in 2G deal, though I am curious why you never respond to these allegations. My concern is totally different which I have expressed in the next part of the letter.

Sonia ji, these days it is painful to see you trying to take moral high ground in every press conference or political rallies you address. Your whole speech revolves around how BJP hasn’t acted against its own corrupt leaders and how you have ‘punished’ the tainted elements on your side. My question to you is  shouldn’t you actually talk to the countrymen and not to the BJP? Being the supreme leader of the ruling party of the country, people expect you to take solid steps and that should resonate in the behavior of your party. But in reality, neither your steps nor your party’s behavior generates confidence among the ‘Aam Admis’. You may claim that Ashok Chavan, former Maharashtra CM, had to resign after his involvement in Adarsh Scam was revealed. But isn’t also true that he is being given a Rajya Sabha seat, the same seat wich the current CM of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan represented. Is punishment means mere political position rearrangement? Is that what you mean when you say ‘we don’t tolerate corruption in our party’?

You may now give the instance of your action against the CWG scam mastermind Suresh Kalmadi. The same Kalmadi who hasn’t been questioned yet? The same Kalmadi who is yet to be named in the accused list? When all aides of Kalmadi are being arrested and charges against them are being framed, when the CAG has already given adverse report about the Organising committe of the Commonwealth Games’, when almost all in this country are sure that Kalmadi was the man behind the massive CWG corruption, mere resignation from a party post is what you consider as action? Madam, ‘law takes its own course’ but it seems someone is trying to block the course, trying to deflect it and make it go in some other direction. Consider this: When the CWG menace started there was two sides of it. The first one was of the delays and mismanagement conducted during CWG construction (indicating Delhi Govt. and Union Ministry of Urban Developement’s inefficiency and ‘probably’ corruption that made India ashamed) and the second part was the corruption in conducting CWG that includes procurement of materials and services to be used in CWG (Here comes Kalmadi and Organising Committee’s role). Why are we only hearing about the second part? Why the investigative agencies are not mandated to look after the first point too? Is that because of some bigger names involved? Is that what you mean when you say, ‘no corrupt will be spared’?

Now let us come to the 2G scam issue. Yes, we know that the alleged minister A Raja had to resign from his post for the scam. Wait, alleged? But CBI is yet to name him as accused in the FIR. The CAG reports about mismanagement of Rs 1 lakh 76 thousand Crore clearly stating that this loss happened for decisions of A Raja who didn’t hear to Law Ministry and PMO suggestions. Isn’t it enough for a person to be called as accused? And what about the people responsible for the Law Ministry and PMO who didn’t say anything when a minister violated their suggestion? We were told in civics classes in the school that the ministers work as long as the Prime Minister’s trust is with them. When a minister doesn’t listen to Prime Minister’s advice doesn’t that mean that he lost PM’s trust? One minister who lost PM’s trust continued for 2 years in the same post, is this what you call ‘intimidating action’? And why didn’t Prime Minister acted when a minister didn’t respect his advices? And why you didn’t act? Did you at least conveyed it to A Raja’s leader Mr Karunanidhi? What do you mean when you say, ‘other parties should learn from Congress how to deal with Corruption’?

I am not aware who writes speeches for you or who advices you how to act, that is why I wrote this letter to you. When your party’s govt. gives an alleged to be corrupt PJ Thomas a job to keep a check on the corrupts of the country, the citizens get enough indications. Shouldn’t you think about all these before coming to press and make emotional statements? Shouldn’t you teach morality to those MLAs of your party who climbed on the speaker’s podium to disrupt assembly in Odisha before giving morality classes to the opposition? As I said, being the supreme leader of the party ruling us we want to answerable to us, the ‘janta’ of India. We are not interested in BJP’s conduct or behaviour because we chose you and your party to rule for 5 years not them. When serious questions are being hurled at you, you just can’t dodge them with diversionary tactics. Thank you if you are still reading this letter and not threw it away. I hope you answer this letter with the same sincerity.

Thanking you,

‘Not So Sycophant’ Dibyasundar


P.S. As I finish this letter, I am hearing that Mr Yeddyurappa is planning to reveal some corruption games of your party leaders in Karnataka. Be careful, ma’am. Your ‘bhakts’ need you.

You can also read my ‘Open Letter To Rahul gandhi’ Here (This was written when Rahul tried to hijack the Anti-Vedanta campaign in Odisha)


Update: This Post is selected for this week’s’s Tangy Tuesday Picks.


8 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi

  1. Letter is so apt. I was wondering after Open Letter to Rahul Baba will you write a letter to her mumma like her school teacher Rossy Miss use to write!?!
    Jokes apart, yes the letter is worthy enough to be mailed to Sonia Ji and ask for her expert opinion.

  2. You raised a lot of issues which needed to be put before Sonia Gandhi. Would have been great if you had posted it few days earlier, on her birthday 😛
    But well-written no doubt. Keep up the good work.

  3. Manan Lalaji says:

    Way to go!!
    Right on the point!!
    Had all the 20yr olds had been like you, then India would have been way different now!!
    Keep it up!!

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