‘The New Dimension’ Completes One Year: Anniversary Special post

Yes, My Blog completed one year. 25th January last year, I decided to blog and announced to the world that I would blog. On the 26th, on the occasion of the Republic Day, I wrote my first post and I seriously feel coming to bloggosphere was one of my best decisions in life. Being a keen political watcher, I have an opinion on almost all topics in politics and some topics related to diplomacy and foreign affairs. Before I had a blog, all the opinions of mine and discussions related to the topic were restricted to my close friend circle. I came to twitter, my opinion got a bigger audience and discussions got broader. And, finally started blogging as many suggestions came in(final suggestion that finally made me to blog was by Aditya Kumar Nayak). I had never thought it would be so successful(ok, I’m assuming that the blog in its first year was successful considering the response it got. Real success can only be measured by the readers only :P). I would reveal some stats of the blog for the last one year and some of my objectives for the next year.

The New Dimension in Numbers:

When I started the blog, I had never thought that it would even cross 1000 visits in the first year. I had heard many negative points about blogging like ‘most of the blogs are read by only one person: the author himself” 😛

But now when I see more than 11,ooo hits in one year even when almost two months had absolutely no post written, I get astonished.


*11,446 visits in 365 days (Last checked 6pm, 26th Jan, 2011). 10,252 visits in first year and 1194 already in 26 days of this year

*38 posts (including this one, this one is below my expectations. I had planned at least 40 posts. Last few months has been really quiet)

*top referring sites in 2010 were twitter.comfacebook.comnetworkedblogs.com,indiblogger.in and orkut.co.in in that order.

*Most visitors came searching (via Google), mostly for allahabad high courtallahabad high court ayodhyahigh court allahabad, Usefulness of Bandhs, Rahul Gandhi and ayodhya verdict live

*Most read posts: Ayodhya Verdict: Live Blogging, Bihar Election 2010: Who stands Where, An Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi, An Open Letter to Sonia Gandhi, A Pragmatic And Dynamic Verdict on Ayodhya, Why Indians don’t get Nobel and recently Tiranga Yatra: the Point we are missing

*20 email subscriptions

*Busiest Day: September 1 with 3406 visits in one day

Objectives for the new year:

1. At first, I was responding to all comments made on the blog. I am not finding much time these days to respond to the comments. I will try to devote more time to respond to the comments by the readers.

2. The blog has a facebook page which has currently only 95 fans. It is mainly because the page is only posting the links of new posts on this blog and nothing else. I intend to make it more interactive and have more discussion with others on the page.

3. My column has started on a website called ‘The Viewspaper‘ which is just one post old [This is the post]. I wish to write more for them and bring more readers to this blog.

4. I would like to have some guest posts by several other bloggers in the future to provide quality content to the readers.

There are many other plans too. These being the prominent ones will get more focus. I hope the next year will prove better than the first one. I can feel how the quality of the posts here are increasing day by day and hope I could, in some way, keep adding new dimensions to the way issues are viewed commonly. Thank You for the support. Do you have suggestions for the blogs? Let me know on the comments section. I will appreciate the suggestions. 🙂


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