Rahul Gandhi Disappointed Me

After reading that headline you must be wondering how Rahul Gandhi disappointed me even if he was not in the news in the recent past. You must be inquisitive to know what Rahul did actually to disappoint me. In fact, i would say he not only disappointed me but also the youth of this country. Actually his silence on an issue disappointed me.

Rahul Gandhi is very famous among the youth of this country. He is touted as the future Prime Minister of India. He generates enthusiasm among the youth as he is often marketed as some one who will continue the legacy of Rajiv Gandhi. He has gained many followers for many of his gimmicks like eating and sleeping in a Dalit hut or giving political gyan on University campuses. You are free to disagree with me, if you feel those are not just gimmicks. But, what i always liked about Rahul is his willingness to change the Indian politics, the way politics is done in India. I always believed he could change at least his party which tries to show itself being modern while the core of it is still in the ’70s. He showed some examples of it by organizing polls in the Youth Congress. His willingness to make youth a part of the politics has raised some hope in my mind. Another example of his progressive approach was on display when he stood by a Shashi Tharoor who was attacked by his old type party colleagues over his controversial tweets. But I may not believe him anymore.

It is pretty clear now that he doesn’t want to change his party by giving it a progressive look. It was clear after his silence in the Congress vs Amitabh issue. Congress on this issue proved it to be no better than the Shiv Sena. The Congressmen showed their narrow mindedness by opposing a helpless Amitabh who was bullied just because he accepted the offer to popularize the tourism of a part of land that happens to be ruled by Narendra Modi. Congress showed that it still lives in the ’70s when Indira was India and India was Indira. The party strengthened the claim of Narendra Modi that Gujrat is Modi.

While the grand old party of the country was isolating Amitabh and Abhishek, I was waiting for the Rahul Gandhi to come out and stand by the Bachchans and give a strong reply to his party men just like he did in case of Tharoor- tweet row or more recently Sena-SRK row. I was waiting for his statements supporting Bachchan just like he did by supporting SRK. I was changing channels after channels to listen him saying I am an Indian and Gujrat belongs to India just like he had said “I am an Indian and Mumbai belongs to India”. But I waited and waited to find the future PM of India helpless as he couldn’t even rise over his family disputes. In fact, the sycophants in the party started bashing Bachchan senior more and more to remain in the good books of the Gandhi family. Wasn’t the curious case of Bachchans similar as that of the Saharukh? Is it that freedom of speech only applies to SRK not to Amitabh? Sadly Rahul Gandhi is not available to answer.

Why did i write this blog today after so many days of the controversy? It is because he disappointed me again by not showing his face and making statements after the recent Dantewada Naxal attack. As a responsible politician who even gets the chance to meet the foreign representatives, he should have come out and spoke that Dantewada belongs to India and not to the Naxals. But he was unavailable. Now, i won’t see him and his party as a next generation, progressive leader or party as it  has its heart still in the ’70s.


8 thoughts on “Rahul Gandhi Disappointed Me

  1. Deepak Mohanty says:

    The writing is far more sloppy when we start seeing things in isolation without paying heed to the history of two families. And one should not see the whole controversy as anything to do with the feud between both the families as neither side has so far publicly spoken against each other. For them it’s pure personal, and here we are talking about party politics…hence, I never expected a comment from Gandhis.

    Yes, we can blame Congress party or its partner NCP in Maharashtra for making a fuss out of nothing just for their internal conflict in the state. And in an attempt to paint it as natural, the same flow was maintained by some members of Congress in Delhi…just to support party leadership.

    One more thing, Bachchan is no more in the picture of SP and that might be a subject of concern for Congress when he came close to Modi. In the end, it’s Congress, a party, and not Rahul Gandhi… who needed to answer or explain.

    As far as progressiveness is concerned, it takes time… and with the emergence of young leadership… yes, it seems possible. Let’s see!

  2. On the Gujarat fiasco i think it was highly unnnecessary for him to comment! Moreover there was nothing to say.Being roped in by an elected govt to endorse a state and being paid by the govt.u are definitely endorsing the govt not a state! tomorrow if someone chooses to endorse Bengal he would be endorsing Buddhadeb’s vision of Bengal not the true one!And no one should ever forgive Modi for not acting enough in 2002(it does not matter if he has changed the face of the state in last few years cause his hand is bathed in blood and “no perfumes of arabia” would cleanse it ever.

    Amitabh Bachchan(or for that matter any celebrity) worship money.So if offered better fortunes he would tomorrow endorse some other state too!!! Moreover the Sena-SRK fiasco was a grand drama staged by SRK to promote just another average movie of his.And Rahul had not once spoken in favor of SRK.He had just talked in favor of India!

    Having said that,Congress overdid it with Amitabh.They could have experienced restraint!

    • Fact check: AB is the Tourism Ambassador of State Gujrat. How you link it with Policies of Government of Gujrat is out either sheer ignorance of facts or gross Propaganda.

      AB represents Gujrat tourism, just like Amir Khan represents: Incredible India campaign. Does the act of latter by any means can be understood as an endorsement of Government of India?

      Does that clear the air, my friend?

    • Gaurav says:

      this shows how most of us speak first without actually knowing ‘anything’ I won’t repeat what Arjun has already written however would like to add one more thing that “AMITABH BACHCHAN DID NOT TAKE ANY MONEY FOR THIS” these things are generally done for free courtesy : His interview on aaj tak …….so ur each n every statement is false…!

  3. thenewdimension says:

    My point was not that Rahul Gandhi should have an opinion on every issue or He need not explain anything. My point was that what happened to his resolve to change the way politics is done in India. He should have controlled his party which showed us the politics it was doing in the past. I expected a better response from my future prime minister.

  4. Rahul has disappointed a lot of people; He must come out with solutions that can change the country for better rather than blaming the system that his family created.

    He has not done anything concrete. We need see him in a position of responsibility to see how good he is.

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